Areas Served – Carpinteria

Carpinteria, California is a small coastal city found in the southeastern portion of the Santa Barbara County, California. The city is surrounded by coastal hills and sandy beaches with calm waves and huge breakers ideal for swimming and surfing. According to the 2015 census, Carpinteria has a population estimate of 13, 727. The city’s attractions include the Carpinteria State Beach, Carpinteria Harbor Seal Preserve and Rookery, Salt Marsh Nature Park, and the Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve to name a few. Every first weekend of October, Carpinteria hosts the famous California Avocado Festival due to its abundance of avocado orchards. The city is also home to the Orchard to Ocean Run, a beneficial run with a picturesque route overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Carpinteria’s local industry includes a variety of commerce ranging from agriculture to manufacturing. With its small-town charm, stunning coastal landscape, and thriving community, Carpinteria is an ideal place to live, invest, or to take a vacation to. Since Carpinteria is in close proximity to the world-class live entertainment, museums, and sporting events in North Santa Barbara County, visitors and locals can enjoy an exciting variety of cultural festivals. Whether you want to make a difference to the community or enjoy a leisure time, Carpinteria is the place for you.