Areas Served- Montecito

Montecito is an unincorporated area located in the Santa Barbara County, California. The place is famous for its abundance of celebrity residents such as Drew Barrymore and Ellen DeGeneres. According to a 2010 census, Montecito has a population of 8,965. As part of the Santa Barbara County, Montecito enjoys a Mediterranean climate resulting to warmer winters and cooler summers. Montecito prides itself of having one of the most eye-catching and costly real estate in the United States. According to Forbes Magazine, Montecito is ranked as one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. Montecito’s stunning beaches, including the famous Butterfly Beach, and its picturesque landscapes make Montecito an ideal place to unwind or to take a vacation to. Despite the expensive prices on its real estate, Montecito remains as one of the most popular tourist destinations across Santa Barbara. Don’t be surprised to spot a celebrity while you are having a good tan under the sun in Miramar Beach or while having a stroll around the Coast Village Road. Famous attractions of the area also include the famous Montecito Inn built by Charlie Chaplin, the Music Academy of the West, El Fureidis, and the Lotusland to name a few.